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Rowing - motor boats PEGAZUS  430 Fisher Pro

Pegazus 430 Fisher Pro was designed for those fisherman who value high comfort during fishing trips. This is a unit equipped with 2 or 3 seats with back support and cushions to maximize the comfort especially during long fishing trips ( no more back or leg pain after fishing ).

Shelves on the sides makes it possible to install fishing rod handles. Under those shelves there are handles for fishing rods that you are not using at the moment. This 1,75 m wide boat is very stable and offers a lot of space for fisherman’s accessories and equipment. It is an one-deck unit and it has a floating chamber. It also has a Top Coat layer on the deck.

Pegazus 430 Fisher  Pro  is an open boat specified for inland waters and sea near-coast waters – it has a category C for 4 people.

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Project category: C
Hull length -4,28 m
Hull width 1,75 m
Max motor speed -11 kW
Weight of empty unit -220kg
Crew: 4-people

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