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Motor boat PEGAZUS 460

Pegazus 460 is our newest motorboat which combines attractive style, high user’s comfort and dynamic,  driving abilities.  The boat behaves safe and stable during the swimming and can be equipped with a maximum of 75 hp engine. Pegazus equipped with the 50 hp engine which is shown on the movie and pictures can exceed 55 km/h and accelerates like a race car. Pegazus 460 was certificated by Germanisher Lloyd and received category C which enables it to swim even on the sea near coast waters.

Pegazus 460 has a large lounge on the front with large storage under the seats. The lounge can be turned into a sun platform to make it a great sunbathing place for 3 people.

The rear part has the comfortable steersman’s seat with a large storage under it. Smartly designed console is big enough for all necessary electrical equipment such as radio and engine gauges. Behind steersman’s seat there’s a handle for water skies, wakeboard or any other water sport accessories.

If you want to spend a great time on water with your family or friends Pegazus 460 is an ideal option for you.

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Project category: C
Hull length - 4,60m
Hull width 2,00 m
Max motor speed - 55 kW
Weight of empty unit -360kg
Crew: 5 people


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