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Project category: C
Hull length -5,98m
Hull width 2,54m
Max motor speed -149,1 kW
Weight of empty unit -1050kg
Max load capacity -660kg
Crew: 6 people

Standard features:

- rail basket with bow platform made of stainless steel*
- rail basket on the roof
- 4 belaying cleats made of stainless* steel
- bow Line made of stainless steel*
- 1 drink holder made of stainless steel* for steersman
- steering gear
- steering wheel
- steering rod
- electric system
- navigation light
- 3 lights In the cabin
- 3 halogen lights In the wheelhouse
- 1 rear store’s light
- electric system control panel with fuse
- horn
- automatic bilge pump
- petrol system with petrol tank made of stainless steel* and fuel gauge
- fabric upholstery in the cabin
- cabin matresses with 2 pillows
- external rear lounge matresses
- helm and passenger seats with mattresses
- 2 steps and 2 armrests made of exotic tree
- 2 cabin side hatches
- store on the console for passenger made of darken pleksi glass.
- internal rear store’s drawer

Extra features – an option:

- full cabrio
- hydraulic steering system
- sweet water supply system with washbasin
- sweet water supply system with washbasin and shower
- large cabin hatch
- radio with four loudspeakers
- moorning lights
- fishing rod handless instaled on the roof’s rail 1 pcs.
- telescopic stainless steel* swimming ladder
- table in deck’s color with telescopic leg made of aluminium
- extra unfolding rear lounge with mattresses
- main power switch with accumulator’s container
- accumulator 100 Ah
- anchor with chain and electric winch made of stainless steel*
• electric winch
• stainless steel* chain
• anchor swivel
• stainless steel* anchor 7,5 kg
• anchor lift made of stainless steel
- zinc-plated anchor with chain and electric wind
• electric winch
• zinc-plated chain 20m
• anchor swivel
• zinc-plated anchor 7,5 kg
• anchor lift made of stainless steel
- * All stainless steel ements are made of A4 steel highly resistant to damage from prolonged contact with sea water and salty sea air.


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